Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What do you know about the E.R.A.?

Can you answer these 7 simple questions?

What does ERA stand for, as it pertains to women?
1. a) Education Rights Amendment
    b) Equal Rights Amendment
    c) Economic Recovery Act
    d) Equal Rights Act

 The ERA was first proposed in:
2. a) 1923
    b) 1945
    c) 1978
    d) 1982

 The ERA was made into law in
3. a) 1923 b) 1945 c) 1978 d) 1982

 The ERA was ratified by
 4. a) 33 states
     b) 35 states
     c) 38 states
     d) all 50 states

 The rights of women are clearly protected
 5. a) in the U.S. Constitution
     b) in the new Iraq Constitution
     c) in the Bill of Rights
     d) in the Women's Rights Act of 1975

 The 14th Amendment
 6. a) assures women's rights in the Constitution
     b) provides voting privileges for "all citizens"
     c) excludes women by reference to "voting males"
     d) was written by a woman

 In the U.S. Constitution
7. a) the rights of women are not spelled out
    b) the words "citizens" and "persons" are not meant to apply to women and blacks
    c) separate amendments were necessary to secure the vote for women and blacks
    d) all of the above

My Answers: 1__,   2__,   3__,   4__,   5__,   6__,   7__.

How did you do? If you want to find the correct answers, read the Comments of Womanist.Val.

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ANSWERS to What Do You Know About the E.R.A.?

1) b; 2) a; 3) none; 4) b; 5) b; 6) c; 7) d